Zip Closure Clutch and Wrist Strap.

LOCATION: East Coast Leather  - 130 Kingfisher Road, Mount Cotton, QLD 4165

DATE: Saturday 21 August 2021

CLASS TIME: 9.30am to 3.30 pm

This fashion statement Clutch Kit comes with a wrist strap

Grab your inspiration and get started making yourself some great new leather items you'll be proud to carry!

Well-crafted leather pieces are always in vogue, and minimalist modern styles are easy to make following the step-by-step instructions in this hands-on workshop.

The workshop will cover learning many techniques, tips and hints on moisture content, how to use leather craftools to create interesting patterns, giving this project your personal touch with your very own creativity!

What you will learn

Techniques including cutting, creative stamping or how to tool a simple inverted style Australian design then how to colour using both Leather dyes and Antique finishes.

 I will discuss and demonstrate the many and varied options working with the combination of both dyes, finishing edges, lacing, set rivets, snaps and other hardware.

You will be provided with all materials and tools for complete your project.

The clutch can be laced or Handstitched.


TEACHER: Cherryl McIntyre