Colouring Tooled Designs Workshop

CLASS TIME:  9:30am - 2:30pm Saturday 16 July 2022 



This workshop is a follow on from the carving workshop presented on the 28th of May.


If you did not attend this workshop, please call Cherryl on 0428174220 after you have booked your spot online. I will need to prepare a tooled design for you, an additional cost of $25.00 is payable on the day for your sample.

If you are interested in colouring natural veg carved designs this workshop is a must!

If you have done one of my workshops, you'll know how much I love the way vegetable-tanned leather responds to leather dyes.

The possibilities are endless! You can blend just two or three colours together and get so many beautiful shades - as many different colours as in nature itself. But like anything, it takes a lot of practice, experimentation and skill to achieve exquisite results.

Techniques covered are using leather dyes to colour your projects with graduated shading to enhance designs.

Leather dyes supplied


You will need to bring:

3 x no 4 or no 5 sable brushes (or synthetic sable)

I fine point no 1 or no 0 (or synthetic sable)