Fox Pelt
Fox Pelt Fox Pelt Fox Pelt

Red foxes pose a serious conservation problem in Australia. Introduced in the 1800s, they're not only a threat to farmers' livelihoods, they play a major role in the destruction of our native wildlife. 

Our Australian fox fur pelts are beautifully soft and each one is unique. Our Fox Pelts vary in size.

Fox 1 - Head to tail 114cm, Tail is 36cm, Belly is 22cm, Back Leg 44cm and Front leg 47cm

Fox 2 - Head to tail 126cm, Tail is 40cm, Belly is 24cm, Back Leg  is 51cm and Front leg is 51cm


Fox 3 - Head to tail is 110cm, Tail is 32cm, Belly is 25cm, Back Leg is 49cm and Front Leg is 51cm

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