Inverted  Style Carving Workshop

CLASS TIME:  9:30am - 2:30pm Saturday 14 November  2020

LOCATION:  The Leather Shed, 130 Kingfisher Road, Mount Cotton

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No experience necessary.

A good introduction on learning how to carve.   This inverted design of carving uses a limited number of tools, ie, swivel knife, trace stylus, assorted bevellers, stippler, hair blade and a fine modelling tool.

Inverted style carving differs from the regular raised style, this design is depressed and bevelled on the inside of all outline’s, then you revert to the traditional style to complete the design.

Inverted carving has two distinct advantages, firstly the end result is a crisp clean appearance, secondly the time saved by eliminating bevelling outlines and backgrounding.

This Australian inverted design of gum leaves, nuts, pods and flowers is taken from the book of Australian Leather Carving by Peter Main.

If time permits, I will demonstrate my technique on how to apply leather dyes to create the graduated shading effect for this design.

All material, tools and other equipment supplied.



Internationally recognised for her talent and contribution to the leather industry, Cherryl McIntyre has been perfecting her craft for more than 30 years. An exceptional teacher, President and founding member of the Leather Crafters Association of Queensland, and Director of Exquisite Leather, this Brisbane based Leather Artisan has travelled the world sharing her skills.

You might like to know, Cherryl was the first ever to be presented with the prestigious Al Stohlman Award outside of the U.S.!

Cherryl has also coordinated the largest event for Leather Crafters (of all skill levels) in Australia and New Zealand, Dimensions in Leather, since 1994. 


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